New World Group

Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel

Disney Captain Marvel Promo Item rendering with t shirt, bomber jacket, hat, sunglasses, coin and pen

Earth’s mightiest heroine has arrived and New World Group is on the scene to help bring out the Her(o) in all of us. Through this partnership with Marvel Studios and Alaska Airlines, we took to the skies for some out of this world promotional items worthy of such a mega-release. The social world took notice.

  • Alaska Airlines Collaboration
  • Military Bomber Jackets
  • Aviator Style Sunglasses
  • Promotional Coins
  • Deluxe Enamel Pins
  • Luggage Tags
Film premiere marquee captain marvel world premiere event free promo items by New World Group
Alaska Airlines Captain Marvel Promo t shirts designed by NWG
Captain Marvel promotional event vendors in custom designed bomber jackets
Alaska Airlines jet in full Marvel Studios wrap for film promo international event
Passenger jet pilots in Marvel Studios licensed windbreakers for movie debut
Marvel fans in free promo jackets and aviator sunglasses with logo applique for film premiere
Captain Marvel and Alaska Airlines logo t-shirts custom design
Film tagline promotional branding pins for captain marvel airline event
Captain Marvel Disney studios officially licensed logo hat embroidered detail
Specialty hat embroidered with eagle logo for official marvel film release party
Disney Marvel Studios custom embossed metal promo coin stubbs premiere partner franchise
Movie promo coin on popcorn background for advertising agency portfolio
Fan at marvel film premiere party with custom NWG promo coin and logo t shirt
World premiere Marvel Superhero movie fan swag by new jersey creative agency
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